Sleek Socket review: an outlet concealer for messy, dangerous cords

Ready to declutter, streamline, and upgrade your living space? Discover how the Sleek Socket can transform your home sweet home.

Sleek Socket review: an outlet concealer for messy, dangerous cords
Sleek Socket looks great in a kitchen

Tired of the tangle of electrical cords cluttering up your home or office? Then check out the Sleek Socket. This outlet concealer kit is a #1 Best Seller on Amazon in the Tools & Home Improvement category. And it offers an ultrathin design, universal compatibility, and easy installation.

There’s no denying it: electrical cords are an eyesore in any home or office. Yes, even if you splurged on furniture and other trimmings, cords can still make the room look cluttered.

Cord concealers can be helpful and have existed for decades. My mother, who was an interior designer in the ’80s and ’90s, swore by them. However, these older cord concealers were permanently fixed to the wall and required time-consuming installation. It was a hassle, to say the least.

Now, it’s high time cord and outlet concealers had an update. And that’s exactly what the Sleek Socket delivers. This home accessory is all about covering up sockets and tidying cords quickly and easily. It offers cords of varying lengths, and there’s even a child- and pet-proofing version for extra peace of mind.

Ready to make your space tidier and safer in a snap? Check out my review of the Sleek Socket below.

Eliminate ugly, unsafe cords and plugs

If there’s one thing I can’t stand in my home, it’s the mess of cords lying atop my desk and the wire dangling from my TV to the wall socket below. If only there were a quick and inexpensive way to cover them!

The Sleek Socket is a game-changer on that front. This ultrathin wall-hugging device helps you say goodbye to the clutter, hazards, and annoying obstacles that cords and plugs create.

I love the way the outlet concealer seamlessly blends into the sockets and walls. Then, you and visitors can focus on the aesthetics without being distracted by chaotic plugs and their cords.

The beauty of it is that it doesn’t just reduce clutter; it eliminates it entirely. And let’s not forget the safety aspect—fewer cords lying around means fewer tripping hazards, which is a big win for families and anyone concerned about home safety.

Sleek Socket in a living room

Hide cords and sockets—no tools required!

My favorite feature of this outlet concealer kit is its sheer simplicity. There’s no need for a toolbox or any complicated installation process. And you don’t have to hire a professional to get things in order.

That’s because the Sleek Socket attaches to the top receptacle of a duplex outlet, just like a traditional plug. It’s so user-friendly that you can set it up in minutes, making the whole decluttering process hassle free.

This no-tools-required approach is a breath of fresh air, especially for someone like me who has small kids running around the home and needs fast, efficient DIY projects.

Sleek Socket and a side table

Secure cords neatly to the wall

So how does this gadget actually work? Well, nearly all of the Sleek Socket kits come with an adhesive cord concealer kit. It consists of adhesive cord clips that neatly secure cords to the wall.

It allows you to create tidy lines from your computer to your wall outlet, preventing tangled cords. Yes, instead of seeing a mess in your office, all you’ll see are neat, clean lines.

And that’s a refreshing sight. We all know that we’re more productive and relaxed in an organized environment with plenty of open space.

Use this plug concealer with any duplex outlet

The universal compatibility of the Sleek Socket is another remarkable feature that sets it apart. It works seamlessly with all duplex outlet sizes as long as the ground pin is positioned below the flat pins.

No need to worry about whether it will fit your specific outlets; this clever device is designed to do so. I appreciate how user-centric this design is because it means that more people can benefit from the Sleek Socket’s clutter-conquering capabilities. The creators put thought into helping us conveniently organize our space.

Choose from a range of cord lengths and outlets

One cord length certainly doesn’t fit every room, nor are 3 outlets enough in some cases. For these reasons, this cord concealer kit comes in a range of cord-length configurations and different numbers of outlets.

Take the 8-foot Flagship Kit, for instance. It’s ideal for bedrooms and living rooms where you might want to set up a TV in a corner that isn’t right next to an outlet. The 8-foot, 3-outlet kit gives you the length to do that.

However, if you want to hide cords in small spots, like kitchen counters, the 3-foot, 3-outlet flagship is a great choice. Its cord connects your kitchen gadgets to your outlet without becoming an eyesore itself.

Sleek Socket produces a range of other kits, including inverted outlets, inverted dual strip options, surge protectors, and more.

Cover your TV cord

Is your smart TV mounted to the wall? If you haven’t changed your electrical outlet’s position, you could be looking at a big, ugly cord hanging from your TV and destroying your modern aesthetic.

If you don’t want to go through the hassle and expense of electrical work, the Sleek Socket for Mounted TVs and Floor Devices is a great alternative.

It discreetly and completely hides your entire outlet, unsightly plugs, and that dangling cord. Finally, your living room can be as sleek and streamlined as you’ve dreamed.

Child- and pet-proof your wires

Every parent to a child or pet knows outlets aren’t the only threats. Cords can be just as dangerous, especially if a child or animal tries to bite one. Luckily, this outlet concealer kit offers a child and pet-proofing version.

This Sleek Socket kit comes with 8 feet of protective cord clips that wrap around wires, preventing pets and small children from accessing and chewing them.

Get a neat, safe, and beautiful space

The Sleek Socket is my new go-to solution for a clutter-free, safe, and aesthetically pleasing living space. The hassle and eyesore of tangled cords and bulky plugs are now a thing of the past, thanks to this outlet concealer kit.

The simplicity of the Sleek Socket’s installation is a breath of fresh air. There’s no need for tools or professional help—it attaches effortlessly to the top of an outlet, just like a traditional plug.

Moreover, the adhesive cord concealer kit ensures that cords are neatly secured to the wall. The result is not just a tidier appearance but also increased safety. Not to mention, I feel so much more productive and relaxed in an organized environment.

Want a Sleek Socket, too? The sets start at $23.95 on Amazon, and they’re available now!

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